Saturday, October 5, 2013

Krazy busy!

I joined so many things I have gotten too busy to blog.  Quilt challenges, Hops, Swaps, Charity Quilts, all sew much fun but boy it has been krazy.  I need to slow down and sniff the fabric LOL.  Here is a picture of a block I made for a swap hosted by beaquilter.
  Thank goodness she changed the deadline to Nov 1st, I am half way finished.   I need to make 12 total.
 I just finished another Quilt for Kids too! 

  I like the campground fabric. I made a little mistake.  Can you find it? I'm sure some little guy will like it anyway. Since I work full time I like to order the kits, I can whip them up much faster since they are already cut.  No cost for the kits just shipping $6.00 and you provide the batting.  Check it out if you or someone you know may be interested in making quilts for kids.  Have a Kwilt Krazy Day!