Sunday, March 2, 2014

Heeeeeers Krazy!!!

Long time no blog.  After staring at the computer all day at work the last thing I want to do is get online again at home. I have been missing the blog community and thought I would try to blog once a week starting in January.  Well now it is March.  I really want to get back into this.  I enjoy all of the blogs, the hops, and there is so much wonderful inspiration out there.  Here is what I have been doing since my last post back in October. 
Beaquilter had a fun block swap. We each had to make 12 blocks and we received 12 in return.   Here are the ones that I did.

Around Christmas time my co-workers found out that I sew and started asking me to do things for them. Here are 2 Christmas Tree Skirts that I did for the first time and no pattern.

 I think I did pretty good J  I had measurement help from Hubby. Then another co-worker asked me to make a one panel curtain into a two panel curtain.   My Husband and I learned to knit (yes He, my hubby) he is now knitting more than me ha ha.  He said it is relaxing and I agree. So then I had another request from a co-worker to make scarves, then another, and another.

All of this at Christmas time ugh.  I just need to learn to say no sorry I can’t do that. Of course I had to make scarves for family gifts too.

 I really like Mollie Makes and issue #28 has this doll pattern and instructions so I had to make it for my daughter for Christmas.

 Then I volunteered to make two love quilts to be shipped to Africa by April. Here is the first one, not quilted yet.
 Today I am working on the second top.
 I am almost done and then have to quilt both of them.

 Then last week I taught myself to crochet.  It's not great, but my first crochet project.

See, that's why I haven't been blogging ha ha. Ut oh. I think I am now Kraft Krazy. Not a bad thing! 


  1. i love the blocks you made for the swap. do you have a pattern for these beautiful blocks? thank you so much for sharing. barbara

  2. Thank You! Here is the link to, she has a tutorial and the pdf file so you can download the template.

  3. Hi!!!! No it is not a bad thing!!!! All of your creations are wonderful!!!!! I have been making those scarfs too!!!!! Very fun!!!! I crochet but don't knit yet anyway!!!!! My hubby can sew much better than I can!!!! But I keep the machine busy most of the time!!!! He makes costumes for the grands without a pattern!!!! Me I have to have a pattern!!!! We have good hubbies!!!!! Great you are posting again!!!!!


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