Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Buzy as a quilting bee….

Wow, look at my sewing room.  I shouldn’t show you this but this is how I work LOL.

  It is a Krazy mess but once I am done with my Rush Hour project I will clean it up and then start a new mess.  I start out putting everything into neat little piles and putting things back where they belong and then….heck I don’t know I just start flinging everything around hee hee.  I guess I got that idea from Eleanor Burns ;) but on a much worse level.  Anyway here is a little peak of what I have been working on.
I have had too much fun with EQ7 and that is only the appliqué part.  I can’t wait to play with all the other parts of the software including “stitch”  I got the baby lock a year ago and have been too busy to use the embroidery part of the machine.  Then again I got the EQ7 software a year ago and just started playing around with it.  In my previous posts there are links to the blocks that I designed.  An-tony and Wormey, I have two more already designed I just need to sew them and then they will be uploaded to Craftsy too.  Sunny Day and Jack Bee Quick.  Don’t forget to check out the Rush Hour blog hop starting September 23rd. See you then.  Until next time, have a Kwilt Krazy Day!!


  1. Love it! Made me laugh when I saw your project. Great photo!

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