Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bahk from De Bahamas Mahn!

Just got back from our Disney Cruise to the Bahamas!

Twas relaxing mahn!  I am nice and burnt :)  I was having quilting withdrawals.  It felt odd to be so far from a sewing machine but I needed a vacation.  My first day back I had a meeting with the Vance County quilt guild.  We are planning a fun time in September with a lecture from Amy Winsor, and there will be a workshop with Amy the following day. We will have a quilt challenge the night of the lecture and the guests will be judging. The theme is "Movie" the quilt should be no larger than 30 x 30 and should include paper piecing, embellishment, and applique.  This will be my first entry into a quilt challenge.  I thought of all kinds of movies.  Jaws, Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, Little Orphan Annie, Star Wars, my head was spinning.  I think I have decided it will be Grease.  Sandy and Danny!  Whoo hoo hoo honey! Once I start the project I will post pictures of my progress.  Until next time have a Kwilt Krazy night!

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