Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kwick Krazy Story

Yesterday while walking out to my car to go to work I noticed a bird on the feeder, sitting with feathers puffed up not moving at all. Other birds were flying near and he still didn’t move.  I was concerned so I walked over to him and he still just sat there with his eyes closed.  DH was watching from the screened porch.  I said “awe I wonder if he is sick” “should I get him some water”?  I took this picture of him. 

I didn’t touch him but moved my head around from side to side to see if I could find an injury.  All of a sudden he woke up and flew right into my face and up to a tree.  So apparently my phone took a picture of that too...notice my toe and the picture is blurry because I jumped back and almost fell down.

DH was laughing pretty good.  He should have had a video camera in hand.  I guess the birdie was sound asleep. Well, off to the lake and we are going to stop by a lovey quilt shop on the way! Yay! Quilt Lizzy. Until next time have a Kwilt Krazy day!

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